SONIC's Premiere Training Program

Training Benefits

DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES “SONIC’s Premier Training Program"

First and foremost, this is a Training Program, for less than $1 a day, that is easily implemented rewarding your crew members while learning SONIC standards and station training. Drive-In’s that participate see the following benefits:

  • Better trained crew members
  • Increased FanTrak and Mystery Shop Scores
  • Higher Team Retention/Engagement
  • Increased overall profits

Secondly, this is a competition. Are you the best of the best? This program is designed to train and reward your crew members while proving you are the best drive-in in the country.

We have made some enhancements to the program over the last 2 years based on crew member, drive-in and Franchisee Feedback. 96% of Managers surveyed last year said they would refer this to another drive-in Manager.

One Stop Shop

Training Minutes program integration focusing on monthly promotions/LTO’s and station specific training through eLearning modules. Reward your team and efficiently train new hires and cross train existing crew members.

NEW More Chances to Win

More than double the instant win prizes

We heard you and we delivered, for 2019 a crew member who completes a Games eLearning module is taken to an online prize portal for the chance to win cool prizes such as $25 e-gift cards, Dr Pepper merchandise and electronics.

Every crew member that takes eLearning module has a chance for instant win and entered monthly drawing

Crew Members can take multiple modules for the month increasing their chances of winning (will only be entered 1 time per module taken)

NEW Rewarding Operational Execution

Receive bonus points by achieving a 72% or better on OSAT scores and a 1.8 on complaints/10,000.

Thank You Dr Pepper

For more than 20 years Dr Pepper has sponsored SONIC’s one-of-a-kind performance improvement and training program for drive-ins across the country. Dr Pepper's support and active encouragement has allowed SONIC crew members to rise and become masters in their specific stations. Thank you Dr Pepper, let’s keep crushing it for many years to come!

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