» 2015 Top 48

Top 48 Announcement- weekly in July

For six months, your drive-in and more than 3,000 drive-ins across the country have flexed their super skills and station strengths to show what it takes to soar to the top in the SONIC Universe. Your crews have been engaged in transformative training to rise and become the Ultimate SuperCrew; showing their skills in food quality, outstanding delivery times and exceptional guest service!

Criteria for Top 48:

  • Must be one of the top eight drive-ins per Games Zone based on total cumulative points.
  • Average delivery time of 4:00 minutes or less on S.O.N.I.C. Games Shops.
  • Passing score on your most recent Food Safety Audit.

Congratulations SuperCrews!

Meet The Supercrew

Switchboard Extraordinaire
Carhop Crusader
Dr Fountain & Frozen
The Griller
Dynamic Dresser
Super Swamp
Crew Captain

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