We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Let us know if you have more.

We're here to help. You can contact Games Headquarters at 800-787-3794. Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central Time or send us an email at info@drpeppersonicgames.com.

The Games are SONIC’s premier training program offered system-wide to increase operational excellence and overall guest satisfaction through incentive driven behavior metrics and rewards. The overall mission of the Games is to train passionate SONIC brand ambassadors who deliver the best guest experience.

  1. Competing in the DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES gives your drive-in access to the brand-new TOT Zone training platform. TOT Zone is replacing the old eLearning system and providing your team with a new, user-friendly interface making training easier!
  2. Improved Results:

    • Drive-ins that participate in the GAMES continuously outperform those that don’t.
    • Enrolled drive-ins have higher employee retention and higher KPI scores
    • Team members involved develop greater traits in time management, responsibility, and passion for their drive-in-Managers involved develop stronger leadership characteristics and relationships with their team members
  3. Everyone participating at your drive-in has the opportunity to win amazing prizes such as eGift cards, Dr Pepper merchandise, and the latest tech gear! 70% of enrolled drive-in team members received a prize valued between $15 and $500 in the 2022 Games. Through our instant win, your team could even be featured in the spotlight for winning a prize!
  4. As your drive-in advances throughout the rounds, you will receive additional rewards for all your efforts. This could include DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES swag, banners to display at your drive-in, and exclusive prizes! If your drive-in advances all the way to the Final 12, you will earn a chance to compete in the 2023 National Finals Competition and an all-expenses-paid trip to the SONIC National Convention for 7 participants (1 Manager and 6 Team Members)!

Modules to complete will be communicated via email, TOT ZONE and a points flyer.

  • EMAIL: On the first day of every month you will receive an email to the store email. In this email you will find the modules and webinars that your Managers or team members need to complete on TOT ZONE, as well as the dates to complete them by.
  • TOT ZONE: You can visit the TOT ZONE home page where you will find a DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES box that will have direct links to all the modules and webinars for the current month.
  • POINTS FLYER: You can click here to be directed to the resources page where you can find a digital points flyer that will tell you how many managers and team members need to complete the current months modules as well as what’s coming next.
  • BONUS POINTS: You can earn bonus points by having the correct number of mangers and team members complete all the modules for the current month by the 15th of the month.
  • MORE ACTIVITY MORE POINTS: Not happy with your current score? Have a Manager or team member that has not yet taken the module take the module to try and make higher score than the other team members.
  • CHECK YOUR SCORE: You can click here to visit the scoring update page, type in your drive-in number and see your drive-ins progress through out the Games

The Games Kit in 2023 includes the Program Guide, Activity Tracker, Mouse Pad, and Points Flyer. All these items are important in achieving success in 2023. Below you will find tips on utilizing these items.


Your Program Guide will tell you all you need to know for 2023. We recommend that you and your team read through the Program Guide before the start of the Games on January 3.

This guide will explain where to find the Games modules, how to earn cool prizes, how to log into the Games website, and the username and password. Please call Games HQ with any questions you may have after you have read through the Program Guide.


Keep the points flyer by the drive-in’s computer so each team member can see the MAX points they can earn for completing and making 100% on the Games modules. The points flyer will also explain how other point earning activities will be scored.


Hang up your wall calendar and recognition kit in your drive-in where all the team members will see it daily! Use the overview calendar on the right-hand side to see what modules need to be completed and how many team members are required to complete to receive completion credit. Once the task is completed, check it off so your team members can keep track as well.

Mouse Pad

Included in your Games Kit is a 2023 branded mouse pad to keep your head in the Games all year long!


The lapel pins are a Games collectors’ item! Each year you enroll, your drive-in will receive 30 lapel pins to wear on team visors or lanyards. Make sure to give one to each team member in your drive-in. If you need more than 30, give Games HQ a call at 800-787-3794, and we’ll send you a few more.

Upon completion of your monthly TOT Zone module you will have the opportunity to visit our instant win digital playground. pin the wheel to win prizes such as instantly redeemable eGift cards from our merchant gift card catalog, trending electronics such as smart TV’s, and other Dr Pepper and SONIC swag. If you are not an instant winner, your name will be placed into a monthly drawing for high end merchandise such as Apple Products and Gaming consoles!

The DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES include the complete Mystery Shop excluding the skating Carhop component. This Shop will be taken directly from your regularly scheduled Mystery Shop. You will receive 5 total Mystery Shops: One Shop per month (January - May). The 4 best Mystery Shops with the highest score will count towards your final score; the Mystery Shop with your lowest score will be dropped. For drive-ins that receive multiple Mystery Shops per month, a computer-generated program will randomly select your Mystery Shop and mark it with an asterisk (*). Drive-ins will be scored on the same scale. Mystery Shop questions regarding scoring or disputes within the Preliminary Round must be submitted to Games Headquarters by May 31, 2023, 5:00 p.m. Central Time. If a drive-in becomes permanently closed after enrolling, the store will be removed from the competition. If a drive-in is temporarily closed (<45 days), shops will be made up using one of the following:

  1. Use next completed Shop(s) in the current month if time permits.
  2. Use next completed Shop(s) in the next month, unless the missing Shop occurs in May, then the last completed Shop of April will be used.
  3. If a drive-in only receives one Shop per month, then it will be at the franchisee's expense for an additional Shop to be conducted and that Shop will then make up for the missed Shop.

Shop disputes should be submitted to the following email: US-MYS-SonicInfo@ipsos.com.

Each drive-in will have an opportunity to earn points for Complaints/10,000, Friendliness, Ops Execution, and Bonus Points on a monthly basis. You can see exactly how many points you can earn on a monthly basis by clicking here to see the points structure page.

No, the complaints/10,000 will be graded on a sliding scale based on the number of complaints your drive-in received that month. Click here to see the points structure page where you can see how many points you can earn based on your drive-ins score.

Sometimes, when your module isn’t closing out correctly, it is helpful to clear your cache and try again. Clearing your cache can be a different process depending on which browser you are using.

Google Chrome:

Select the three-dot menu button at the top right-hand corner of your screen, just below the X. Click the following sequence: Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Clear Browsing Data. Check the box next to “Cached images and files” and click “Clear Data”.

Internet Explorer:

Select the settings icon at the top right-hand corner of your screen. Click “Internet Options”. Underneath Browsing History, you will check the box next to “Delete browsing history on exit”.

Microsoft Edge:

Select the three-dot menu button at the top right-hand corner of your screen, just below the X. Click “Settings” and then the button that says “Choose what to clear”. Check the box next to “Cached data and files”. Click the button that says “Clear”.


Select the three-line menu button at the top right-hand corner of your screen. Select “Options” and then select “Privacy & Security”. In the “Cookies and Site Data” section, click the “Clear Data” button. Check the box next to “Cached Web Content”, then click the button that says “Clear”.

If after clearing your cache, your module still says “In Progress”, it might be an TOT ZONE system issue. If this is the case, you can call TOT ZONE at 888-282-4392. Remember, if your module does not have a green bubble that says “Passed”, you are not getting credit for completion of this module.